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June 15-17 2021
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Putting the Customer Back in Commerce

Channel-agnostic, customer-centric

Delivers true 1:1 customer personalization across all channels and devices to increase omnichannel
engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Personalization highlights

Personalization Consistent At Every Touchpoint

Customer-centric personalization

Leverage your customers’ digital footprint for perfectly timed, contextual experiences — on any channel. Emarsys consolidates data and makes it accessible so you can create a customer-centric experience. All of your data sources are synchronized in real time, unified and transformed into personalization variables, centrally accessible to be used consistently on any channel. Personalize your website, app, and even in-store communications using automated 1:1 product recommendations powered by Emarsys.

Personalization Omnichannel Personalization From The Website To Direct Mail 2

Omnichannel personalization from the website to direct mail

Increase conversion rates by optimizing digital experiences using lifecycle segments and 1:1 product and incentive recommendations.

Emarsys synchronizes online shopping and engagement data from all channels with product and category affinity, and transforms this data into easy-to-embed recommendations that increase repeat purchases or cross-sells. Personalized product recommendations and content are consistent for each customer regardless of the channel they use to interact with your brand.

Personalization Reusable Personalization Tokens

Faster delivery of personalization at scale

Omnichannel programs can branch out into an unmanageable number of campaigns, increasing the workload of your marketing department. Personalization can be time-consuming if it requires manual work.

Emarsys personalization tokens increase operational productivity. These out-of-the-box, reusable variables — such as loyalty status — fit a wide range of use cases specific to your industry.

Linh Calhoun

Linh Calhoun


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“We wanted to evolve our email communications with a specific focus on being more nimble and faster in our personalization and segmentation efforts. We had relied on internal resources which was not always as timely as we needed. By going with Emarsys, we increased scalability, time to market, ease of making changes or testing new concepts while maximizing on their evolving technology.”

Personalization Measurable Product Recommendations

Measurable product recommendations

Emarsys personalization includes high-converting, omnichannel product recommendations. The revenue impact attributed to 1:1 personalized product recommendations is updated in your Emarsys dashboard. Improve cross-sells and upsells with measurable product recommendations.

Marcel Heck

Marcel Heck

CRM Lead

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“Clients respond positively to recommended products, which is evidence that the product recommendation engine works. We see a conversion rate for personalized direct mail of about 10%.”
Personalization Create Your Own Use Cases With Our Powerful Personalization Toolset

Powerful personalization toolset

Use any combination of data from your contacts, relational tables, webhooks, product recommendations, vouchers, and other third-party applications to create personalization use cases that fit even your most complex requirements.

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Deliver true 1:1 personalized omnichannel experiences. Email | Ads | Mobile | Web | Direct Mail

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