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Accelerate business outcomes with real-time in-app messages, personalized push notifications, and SMS. Emarsys powers automated personalized campaigns across all mobile touchpoints

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Increase revenue with personalized push messages

Boost engagement and app usage with 1:1 personalized and relevant push messages. Embed content and product personalization in every push campaign and use the included CTA buttons to gain conversions. Deliver contextually relevant push messages at scale by leveraging cross-channel customer activity, lifecycle segments, and historical data.

Emarsys Mobile Offer Dashboard

Convert in the moment with in-app messaging

Use app behavior to build personalized in-app customer interactions. With in-app messaging, you can reward loyal members, introduce new products, incentivize your customers based on their previous purchases, or send relevant onboarding programs to drive app retention. Since contextual marketing is delivered in real time, you don’t have to worry about resubmitting your app to the App Store.

Emarsys in-app message editor

Real-time, data-driven mobile targeting

Leverage mobile data in real time with built-in targeting. Harness in-app activity data to view how customers make decisions – second by second – and anticipate their next step. Your abandoned cart and cross-sell campaigns will be far more effective when you capture and combine real-time, in-app activity with historical shopping patterns. You’ll be able to stay ahead, anticipate decisions, and convert customers with powerful segmentation capabilities.

Emarsys Mobile Integration

Accelerate execution with multi-language support

Maintain a consistent global digital footprint while ensuring fast execution of your mobile campaigns. Preview your push messages and prevent personalized variables from being incorrectly rendered on delivery. Translations are supported in the same campaign view, speeding up the execution of mobile campaigns across multiple geographical regions.

Emarsys mobile multi-language support

A simple SDK for product recommendations and mobile marketing

The Emarsys SDK is effortlessly integrated within your mobile app. Easily create, scale, and automate personalized experiences based on shopping or product browsing behavior with a complete mobile solution. Your developers can even work alongside Emarsys mobile engineers to expedite advanced use-case implementations and accelerate your time to value.

Emarsys Mobile Integration

Mobile revenue attribution

Measure the revenue impact your mobile channel contributes to your business. By monitoring revenue generated from push campaigns, you can shift your marketing budget to the top-performing campaigns and channels, as soon as you see results.

Emarsys Mobile reporting revenue attribution dashboard

Capture your highest engagement rate with personalized SMS

Drive revenue and repeat purchases by targeting premium customers with 1:1 personalized SMS messages. With an average open rate of 90% within the first three minutes, SMS boosts customer satisfaction, collects post-purchase feedback, enhances loyalty programs and up-sells to active customers.

Emarsys personalized SMS
Mark Sherwood

Mark Sherwood

Global Head of CRM

“Personalization for us is business-critical. SMS is very powerful in particular. If I’d put my trading hat on, I’d have to be careful about when we use SMS, because every time we do so our sales go through the roof.”

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